Field of practical application

Environmental fieldAnalysis of elements in soil such as hazardous heavy metal
Analysis of incinerated ash, industrial waste, drainage water, dust, sludge, etc.
Electronic materialsAnalysis of hazardous heavy metal in electronic parts
Measurement of film thickness of coated semi-conductors and electronic parts
Chemicals Elemental analysis of chemical raw materials
Elemental analysis of catalysis , oils or pigments
PolymerPlastic composition analysis
Composition analysis of ceramic, cement or glass
ResourcesOre exploration, analysis of mineral, rock, soil or recycling material
Analysis of fruit trees and botanic leaves
Steel & non-ferrousAnalysis of refined slug
Analysis of impurities in soldering, alloy and non-ferrous materials , and precious metal
MachineryDiscrimination analysis of material and component materials
Measurement of multi-layer film thickness
Cultural resourcesAnalysis of buried cultural asset, jewelry, painting or artwork
Identification analysis for scientific investigation
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